Diagnostic and/or therapeutic nerve blocks

  • Sympathetic nerves
  • Brachial nerve blocks
  • Spinal nerve blocks
  • Spinal epidurals
These are performed under sedation in the operating theatre or without sedation under CT guidance.

Radiofrequency neurotomy of spinal facet and sacroiliac joints
Implantable therapies

  • spinal cord stimulators
  • peripheral nerve stimulators
  • intraspinal catheters and drug delivery pumps specifically intraspinal muscle relaxant for spasticity

Scrambler Therapy

Scrambler Therapy is for patients troubled with severe chronic neuropathic/nerve pain. This therapy is a form of electroanalgesia delivered by placing electrodes on non-painful areas. The Scrambler device then cycles through a pre-set algorithm to stimulate pain fibres to form new pathways.

Scrambler Therapy is delivered in the outpatient setting, and there is no need for hospitalisation or sedation. It is delivered as a series of around 10 sessions, with each session (including preparation time) lasting for about one hour. It is now accepted as en efficacious treatment for patients troubled by nerve/neuropathic pain who do not always respond to medications, physical, psychological and other treatments currently offered. Scrambler Therapy is not an experimental form of treatment for these patients. It is thought that about 40% of patients with complex nerve pain do not respond well to the medications which are currently prescribed.

To date there are approximately 20 studies in the published literature regarding Scrambler Therapy. There have been over 900 patients included in the studies which confirm long lasting and significant pain relief. This is not an experimental form of therapy.

The effects following treatment reported in the literature include:

  • pain reduction between 50-100%
  • pain reduction lasting beyond 3-6 months in reported studies
  • functional improvements including return to work
  • reduction in use of polypharmacy including anticonvulsant and potent opioid medications
  • improved sleep performance
Nepean Pain Management has formally gained approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and have commenced Scrambler Therapy for our patients in Australia.

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